We have a very simple philosophy about protecting and safeguarding our client’s retirement income needs and earning their trust:

We believe that people want competitive high returns on their money matched with safety, guarantees and peace of mind.

We believe that people want the opportunity to earn stock market like rate of returns but without the downside risks. Our products offer a  minimum annual interest rate guarantee, unlike the stock market, which is up and down. We believe that it is important to guarantee both the safety of your principal and a return on your principal.

We believe that people don’t want to pay more than their fair share of tax. They tell us that they want products that grow tax deferred or free of tax, and when distributed at retirement, they don’t want to pay tax on the gains. Most people believe in the old saying, “it’s not only what you make, it’s what you are able to keep that counts.”

We believe that it is important to reward you for living, but not penalize your family for dying too soon. We believe that with proper planning that you can retire younger, wealthier with a safe and guaranteed lifetime income that will last as long as you do.

It is our goal to help you achieve your retirement income goals so that you can enjoy your retirement free from trouble or worry.